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  • Green Roof
    Check our solutions for your green roof system
  • Evermore 5600 Plus
    Our FIRE RESISTANT membrane certified BRoof T4
  • Green Building Council
    We are now partner of the G.B.C. and promote its activities
  • Sappi Bituminous shingles
    Our Bituminous shingles range for your pitch roof
    The membrane certified UNI EN 14695 for any applications under asphalt
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Since 1967 Sappi has proved that its company philosophy is an unswerving commitment to meeting roofing professional's needs and their growing demand for quality in the specific sector of Waterproofing Industry.
The full range of bitumen polymer membranes, waterproof-thermal insulating systems,and all waterproofing products in the Sappi range, are the best evidence of Sappi's ability in designing and manufacturing the most suitable products for every specific application.
This philosophy has been implemented over many years of successful field experience, with millions of square metres of SAPPI membranes being installed worldwide, and through a fruitful cooperation with our most loyal and experienced customers, whose assistance in designing new products and monitoring quality in the field is of primary importance.

Technical report

Green roof - short guide A recent study conducted by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities indicates the green roof industry is growing dramatically. The study sites a growth rate of more than 25 percent every year. The green roof industry, according to the study, is growing rapidly in response to the pressing need for cleaner air, improved energy efficiency, more usable green space in communities, and better storm water management. In fact, it concluded that the storm water–management benefits of green roofs make them ideal for ultra-urban areas : they don’t consume additional land, and they reduce the need for costly drainage-filtering systems. Simply put, green roofs are proving to be ideal for growing urban communities. Not only do they help to reduce storm water runoff, but green roofs play a significant role in protecting human health as well...
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  •  - G.B.C.

    We are partner of the Green Building Council for the promotion of the green building solutions Read >

  •  - SAPPI Elephant

    We have in our range a membrane certified UNI EN 14695 for the application under asphalt Read >

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    Remember to check in the Technical Area our "Manufaturer's Provisions and Appplication Guidelines" Read >

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